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Click here for the “Ear To The Ground”
Comp. Vol. 1 from Fertile Ground Records
feat. “Downward Spiral” by Toy Cannons


"Toy Cannons are the bomb. A hybrid of new wave, pop punk and rock. Good instrumentation,
vocals and production. Overall it's a psychedelic treat. Can't wait to hear whats next on their plate?!
Very cool ensemble with HUGE potential."
-360 Magazine, 05-13-2013

"Pour finir, promenons-nous dans les nuages de Soundcloud,
ou on trouve parfois, en fouillant un peu, de bien jolies choses.
Exemple avec une demo a la Smiths de Toy Cannons et l'electrock
a la Justice de We Are Crisis Children."
-les inRocKs, 02-06-2013

"...a scuzzy, lo-fi approach to 50s style pop. It sounds innocent, but don't be fooled -
the charming harmonies and pretty melodies that open their new EP
are actually singing about whips, chains and switchblade knives."
-WXPN 88.5, 01-10-2013

"The local area five-piece dives into crates to bring back beloved
oldies melodies with 80's synths and pop-punk
sensibilities to mix up concoctions that beg for crowd sing-alongs."
-The Deli Magazine, Philadelphia, 11-28-2012

"Pixies-like guitar, quirky keyboards, and smooth backbeats from
the rhythm section make each song a new sonic adventure."

-Sean Koepenick, Razorcake, 2012

"Musically, there's rockabilly, surf and new wave influences run fantastically amok."
-Matthew Berlyant, The Big Takeover, 04-08-2012

"I'm pretty sure I've never seen a band like this live before."
-Boston Beet, 08-08-2012

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